What is PassWhiz?

PassWhiz is a suite of applications, “PassWhiz Student, “PassWhiz Teacher”, and “PassWhiz Admin”, that allow 1:1 schools to manage electronic hall passes. Students can request passes from teachers. Teachers can approve or deny passes, and view which students are coming to their classroom. Administrators can use the “PassWhiz Admin” app to monitor student's passes and see pass history. These features, and many more are all availible in the PassWhiz Suite.

Why do I want PassWhiz?

Paper hall passes are inefficient, expensive, and easy to lose. Teachers hate signing and writing them, and students don’t like having to keep track of passes. PassWhiz solves these problems by offering a cheaper solution while increasing security and simplifying management. Teachers also spend less time writing passes, and administrators can quickly see where students have been.

How do I set up PassWhiz?

PassWhiz is easy to set up for your school! Once you have purchased the PassWhiz Suite you simply have students, teachers, and administrators download the app and select their school. We will handle everything else!

Can students “hack” PassWhiz?

Unfortunately for them, no. PassWhiz is a secure application that is being used by thousands of students without problems. 

Will PassWhiz ever “go down”?

Nope! Our servers currently handle thousands of students and thousands of passes with a 99.97% uptime.

What devices does passwhiz support?

Is your school 1:1? Then we support your school! Any device with a web browser can access PassWhiz and we have native apps for schools with iPads that work in tandem with our web application.

Can i test out passwhiz?

Yes! Click on "Get PassWhiz" to request more information and we will get back to you within 24 hours!