PassWhiz is the simplest, cheapest, most secure, and most efficient solution the problem of paper hall passes.


Paper hall passes are expensive, and they waste teachers and students time while at the same time they are easy for students to abuse. Schools that have gone 1:1 with iPads have found digital solutions to many things but hall passes was a problem that still had yet to be solved. Until now. PassWhiz offers three applications. PassWhiz Student, PassWhiz Teacher, and PassWhiz Admin. This comprehensive application bundle offers schools a way to deal with hall passes in a manner that was never before possible. Students love PassWhiz because it is easier, teachers love it because it is faster, and administrators love it because there are no longer any questions about where students are.  The average school saves over 50% of the cost on hall passes by using PassWhiz, so not only is it faster, and more secure it is much cheaper.